Why the Music Industry Needs the Right Social Network

Creating music, sharing it, and reaching an audience has never been easier. Digital media is king. Getting free exposure, marketing music, selling tracks and reaching millions of fans is now simple for musicians. But, what about how musicians congregate?

There are some great services for musicians out there, varying from marketing services to collaboration and networking sites. Reverbnation and Bandcamp are making a huge impact on artists’ daily lives. SoundCloud has made it very easy to upload and share audio. Classifieds help connect musicians with other industry players. But none of these services are made for networking…

pianos_become_the_teeth_IMG_6028Remember, the music industry does not consist of just artists, bands and their fans. There are others behind the stage like labels, songwriters, promoters, managers, venues, etc. Each of their dedication and experience varies from the other. Some love to make music with friends for fun, some are here for a career in music. All of them like different styles and instruments. And they’re all having difficult time finding “the right match” to work with.

In order to to give the right solution to this problem, we must go beyond connecting community members just based on their type or location, and strive to achieve a real “match” one with another. For the right networking tool, focusing on the details is the key. The present services which claim to “connect” musicians and industry pros are inadequate. Suggesting musicians in the same location to each other is not enough anymore.

As I musician for 20 years, I founded Giggem. We know that experience, dedication, genre taste, and skill level are all important parameters to delivering real results online. We created Giggem to custom-analyze musicians and pros in regard to their peculiarities and match them automatically. It’s all about hitting the bullseye for the user. Musicians don’t have time to waste anymore. A focused and tailor-made service like Giggem can change the face of music industry networking forever. Our goal is to make musician’s lives easier. Try it out, and tell us if you agree.